How It Works

Our product is a worldwide patented mechanism that is installed on the top of furniture, produced and projected to have mobility. Our smart drive creates intelligent opening and closing movements, providing more accessibility, and is fully adaptable to voice commands (ALEXA, Google Home)

Additional features include compatibility with numerous security systems, such as touch id, face id, as well as the ease of adaptation for a manual override mechanism.

Imagine you have five suspended cabinets installed in your living room that serve as a wine cellar. You give the voice command “Alexa, French wines” and only the cabinet where the French wines are stored will open vertically, making it easier to reach them. You give another command like “Alexa, close the French wines” and the cabinet will close vertically again.

Compatible with


The accessory’s assembly near the ceiling provides a better use of space, leaving the environment cleaner and more organized.

Comfort and accessibility

Easy Access’ solution for your custom furniture project promotes enormous comfort for users by eliminating the need for stairs to reach their belongings, thus increasing convenience and safety for the elderly and disabled, and reducing any discomfort caused by the use of stairs, even for anyone.


With the exclusive Easy Access system you have much more technology at your disposal to control your furniture through voice command or even by our app.

Some Solutions Using Easy Access



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