With EasyAccess you add connectivity and movement in your custom furniture projects, enchanting your client

Now you can distinguish yourself in the furniture production market with unique Easy Access technology.


Technology that makes everyday life easier, by voice command or app.


The furniture becomes accessible and occupies less space with less effort.

New concept

Customized system for residential and commercial furniture.


for interior design

How it works

Our product is a worldwide patented mechanism that is installed on the top of furniture produced and projected to have mobility, such as kitchen cabinets and suspended wine cellars, voice-commanded by Amazon Alexa and Google Home, which provides vertical movement to the furniture of your projects. For instance, let’s say that you have five suspended cabinets installed in your living room that serve as a wine cellar. You give the voice command “Alexa, french wines” and only the cabinet where the french wines are stored will open vertically, making it easier to reach them. You give another command like “Alexa, close the french wines” and the cabinet will close vertically again.


What is the Easy Access system for residential and commercial furniture automation

An innovative and unique system in the market which is used specifically on furniture, automating cabinets with activation by voice command, app, button, foot pedal, fingerprint or even by password. The system enables the furniture planned by your designer or your custom furniture company to have vertical movement of opening and closing, using connectivity and the concept of IoT (Internet of Things). This is an excellent and practical solution to add value to your project, providing comfort, convenience, luxury, and modernity to your environment.


The accessory’s assembly near the ceiling provides a better use of space, leaving the environment cleaner and more organized.

Comfort and accessibility

Easy Access’s solution for your custom furniture project promotes enormous comfort for users by eliminating the need for stairs to reach their belongings, thus increasing convenience and safety for the elderly and disabled, and reducing any discomfort caused by the use of stairs, even for anyone.

Innovative and technologic

With the exclusive Easy Access system you have much more technology at your disposal to control your furniture through voice command or even by our app.

Our objective to provide
easiness and comfort through technology

Store your objects of value in a practial and safe way with the help of the most advanced technology and voice command

A clean, modern and functional design accessible by voice command

Access for people with disabilities who have difficulties reaching elevated areas.

Automation for commercial customers.

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About Us

We are a factory of creative, innovative, and intelligent solutions in residential and commercial automation with high end technology and connectivity, with the mission of improving people’s lvies, generating comfort, safety, accessibility, and space optimization.

We develop highly reliable and robust products, which reach the final consumer through partnerships with manufacturers, retailers, and influencers in the furniture market.


Improving people's lives by developing innovative and effective automation solutions.


To be recognized as a major furniture automation company in the US.


Innovation and technology, integrity and honesty, teamwork, strenght and reliability, custom services and sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy Access is not sold to the final consumer. Contact your furniture designer, interior designer, or your furniture planning company and request your project with Easy Access.

Contact us through our e-mail or by filling out our form. You can access it by clicking here.

To have access to Easy Access technology you can contact us through our e-mail or by fillig out our form. You can access it by clicking here.

Please check with your designer or furniture company to verify the possibility of implementing Easy Access on your furniture so that you can have connectivity and movement.

Register on our website throught our form and receive all the updates about availability in your area.

In order for you to find out how to register your interior design or planned furniture company to put movement and connectivity into your projects and therefore gain access to our commercial conditions, please contact us through the form below or via our email.