Movement and connectivity innovation technology

Our product is a worldwide patented mechanism that is installed on the top of furniture, produced and projected to have mobility.

With Easy Access you can add connectivity and movement in your custom furniture projects, enchanting your client

Now you can stand out in the furniture production market with unique Easy Access technology

What is Easy Access system for residential and commercial furniture automation

An innovative and unique system in the market which is used specifically on furniture, automating cabinets with activation by voice command, app, button, foot pedal, fingerprint or even by password. The system enables the furniture planned by your designer or your custom furniture company to have vertical movement of opening and closing, using connectivity and the concept of IoT (Internet of Things). This is an excellent and practical solution to add value to your project, providing comfort, convenience, luxury, and modernity to your environment.

Our objective is to provide easiness and comfort through technology

Store your objects of value in a practical and safe way with the help of the most advanced technology and voice command

A clean, modern and functional design accessible by voice command

Access for people with disabilities who have difficulties reaching elevated areas.

Automation for commercial customers.


Integrated with



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