About Us

Easy Access is a factory of creative, innovative and intelligent solutions in residential and commercial automation with high technology and connectivity, with the mission of improving people’s lives, generating comfort, safety, accessibility and space optimization.

About our product.

We develop the automation and connectivity solution for the furniture sector with high reliability, robustness and security, which reach the final consumer through partnerships with manufacturers, traders and influencers in the furniture market.

With a great possibility of adapting to any project of environments, greater ease of installation, considerably reducing installation time and expenses.


My name is Sérgio Luíz de Oliveira. I’m a Brazilian native, born in Uberaba MG. I’m a automation and robotics engineer with a specialty in electronics and telecommunications, as well as an entrepreneur in the manufacture of customized furniture for over 10 years. I have been developing projects in the automation of hydroelectric plants for more than 12 years. Some of my innovations include sensor devices used to open gates of dams, and other sensor technologies that are used in main manufacturing plants throughout the country and in the binational of Itaipu. Through a detailed study of analyzing the mobility problems of current furnishings, I developed an automatic mechanism, Easy Access. This mechanism will becomes useful when the suspended furnishing is high to where the user is forced to use a chair or stairs to access. By utilizing this mechanism, the risk of injury to the user becomes reduced. The Easy Access system generates comfort and practicality to users of all ages and mobility.

Our smart drive creates intelligent opening and closing movements, providing more accessibility, fully adaptable to voice commands (ALEXA, Google Home), and compatible with numerous security systems, such as touch id, face id, in addition to the ease of adaptation. for a manual override mechanism.


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