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The future is already today, but most people are still grounded in the mindset that a 100% technological reality is not here yet. If you’re part of 5% of the people who believe that it’s possible to build your future today, with more accessibility, freedom, security, and technology, I have to introduce you to automation solutions.

If you’re not familiar with this topic, don’t worry, I’m about to tell you all the details you must know, but I should warn you first: you’re probably going to get too involved and excited about how this can change your life!

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According to IBM, automation is a term for technology applications where human input is minimized. It can be useful for your home, car, electronics, or just for entertainment.

There are four types of Industrial Automation Systems that you should be aware of: fixed automation, programmable automation, flexible automation, and integrated automation.

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You just heard about the four t

ypes of industrial automation systems, so what do you think about diving deeper into this topic? Let’s get started! 

Fixed Automation

This is also known as “hard automation”, and is probably the first one that existed in technology. Fixed automation is compatible with repetitive manufacturing and usually lowers labor costs at the same time as keeping employees safe. A great example of this type of automation solution is an automated conveyor belt system. 

Programmable Automation 

In this solution, the computer program commands the automation through instructions given by a series of codes. It’s often useful for repetitive manufacturing that produces the same product every time.

Flexible Automation 

Also known as “soft automation”, this is a very useful type of solution, which can be useful for different needs, such as discrete manufacturing, job shop manufacturing, batch process manufacturing, and continuous process manufacturing.

The equipment will be instructed by a human-operated computer. You can see a lot of this in the textile industry.

Integrated Automation 

The automation here is handled by computers, so it has as minimal human effort as possible. Computers will do the design, tests, and fabrication that needs to be done. It’ll be compatible with both process manufacturing and continuous process manufacturing.

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Automation solutions will make your day easier, you’ll even feel like you have more than 24h in one day. This will happen because you’ll get all the repetitive work done only by simple voice commands or mobile app finger taps.

You can apply automation solutions to your own home, transforming it into a smart home. Smart homes use smart technologies to automate and control household functions, adding convenience, security, entertainment, and economy to your house. 

All you have to do to guarantee you have a smart home is choose your smart device, and smart home platform, connect your devices and create solutions with routines and automation. You can have this technology in every room of your house, like the entryway, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even the external.

If you project your home with this smart technology, you’ll have a unique space optimization, that will be recognized for its innovation and originality. 



If you’re a fan of modernity and luxurious architecture, I’m bringing you great news: that’s exactly what a smart home looks like. So let’s get more inspired on what it can add to your home!

Suspended Wine Houses

Wine houses always add a touch of sophistication to the place, but if the furniture of it is smart it’ll bring a whole new touch of refinement. Can you imagine having a suspended wine house that will come from the roof just by listening to your voice commands? That’s the power of automation solutions. And I’m pretty sure everyone around you will feel it. 

Jewelry, Weapons, and Work of Art Hiding Cabinets

If you have any of these valuable materials that you need to keep away from the eyes of visitors, toddlers, and robbers, the smart home is perfect to offer you this type of protection. 

You can protect these items with a keyless entry lock, in which only you know the voice command or have access to the app to open it. Another idea would be to hide it behind paintings and decorative objects that would move with the smart technology only. 

Games Unit (TV, Video Game, and Accessories)

You can transform your living room into a cinema room or game room with smart devices! It’ll look chic, and will bring you a new experience while watching movies or playing games with your family or friends. 

The furniture of your room will already come with smart technology in it, and all you’ll have to worry about is what film to watch, what game to play. Even the lights in your new home will be turned on by your voice or app commands!

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The benefits of investing in a smart home go beyond the uniqueness, refinement, and facilities that you’ll experience. It’s also about security, accessibility, and avoiding risks. 

If you have an elderly person living with you, you must take about the facilities that your home brings to that person. Is it easy for your elderly mother or father to access your home? To find things? To go upstairs? All of this will be easier and safer in a smart home since everything you need to have at home will be accessible by voice or app command. 

The same applies to your kids at home. I’m sure you don’t want any underage being near alcohol, weapons, expensive jewelry, and works of art. You can limit their access to all those things with simple automation solutions to avoid risks, trouble, and accidents. 

Furthermore, you’ll always feel protected, since your entire home will be only one cellphone away from you. You can always check if everything’s okay and safe on your device while you’re traveling or working many hours at your office. 

With all these benefits your smart home will also be more valuable! You’ll enjoy every second of your day at home when you eliminate everything that makes your day repetitive and difficult. Say hello to the future today, and open your doors to your new smart home! 

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